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Manufacturer of the USA made

True Green Heating Fluid

Our Patented, TRUE GREEN HEATING FLUID, will replace the need to purchase fossil fuel products, such as Home heating oils, Kerosene, Liquid propane, Natural gas and wood products

As a by-product of using True Green Heating Fluid, we believe by eliminating the need to burn Fossil fuels; True Green Heating Fluid will have a tremendous impact on our environment. Thus reducing our environmental footprint and reducing greenhouse gasses.

No emissionsNo fuel deliveriesNo chimneysNo service contracts

1 gallon of fuel oil burned produces                               22.28 lbs. of Co2

1 heat therm of natural gas burned produces                     11.0 lbs. of Co2

1 heat therm of propane burned produces                       12.67 lbs. of Co2

True Green Heating Fluid produces                         0.00 lbs. of Co2

True Green Heating Fluid is electronically heated by a high energy efficient, energy saving, heating unit.

True Green Heating Fluid has a wide service temperature range, with little viscosity change at both low and high temperatures. Remains stable at low (-25F = 416 cps.) and high temperatures (173F = 52 cps.)

True Green Heating Fluid has a very low expansion, thus not exerting excessive pressure on the total operating system.

True Green Heating Fluid is a mixture of different chemicals specifically designed and patented, for Superior Heat Absorption and Superior Heat Retention.

Non-corrosive, Non-toxic, Non-hazardous, Non-flammable.

Service life expectancy up to 30 years.

            *NO gas line or meter GAS CO2                   *NO unsightly fuel tank, inside/outside OIL CO2                               *NO fuel spills PROPANE CO2

            *NO waiting for deliveries WOOD CO2           *NO furnace or chimney to be cleaned PELLETS CO2                        *NO maintenance contract COAL CO2

            *Extra usable space

Per independent testing laboratory report:  

"True Green Heating Fluid transfers heat (energy) approximately 2 times faster than water or water glycol; but then water, water glycol, lose heat faster than True Green Heating Fluid."

True Green Heating Fluid is sold and installed ONLY through Manufacturer authorized agents.

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