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True Green Heating Fluid vs. Water

True Green Heating Fluid, being an organic fluid and organics have a lower specific heat than that of water.  Water’s specific heat is 1.0 BTU /lb./degree F., whereas common organic thermal fluids have a specific heat ranging from 0.30 to a high as 0.55 BTU’s/lb./degree. 

True Green Heating Fluid requires an average of 0.425 BTU to raise the temperature of its organic thermal fluid, 1 degree F.  Thus, should we assume the water and fluid are at 40°F and we want to heat both to 150°F; 150-40=110 degrees of heat are required.

Water @ 40°F -                                    8.34 x 110 = 917.4 Btu required

True Green Heating Fluid @ 40°F -         0.425 x 110 = 46.75 Btu required   

However, when in an enclosed heating system, and True Green Heating Fluid is maintaining its high heat retention approximately twice as long, when in comparison to water, there is a huge savings in operating costs.  IN ADDITION, True Green Heating Fluid put into the system ONLY one time and has an expected life usage, of up to as high as 25 years. 

USES: Baseboard, Radiant, Forced Hot Air, Solar 

1 gallon of fuel oil produces 138,500 BTU’s minus 10% (13,850 Btu’s up the flue). 

True Green Heating Fluid utilizes an electric heating unit (100% efficient).

Operational cost range of approximately $0.40 - $1.50 per day.

Most likely installation cost (labor not included):    

Motel Room                                325 sq. ft. $1,338.56 

Hotel Room                          300-400 sq. ft. $1,819.70

Hotel Room (first class)          500-700 sq. ft. $1,999.06

Hotel Suite                           800-900 sq. ft. $2,095.47

Residential                             2,500 sq. ft. $10,948.89